One love for humans and the environment

As organisers of Summerjam, we are aware of our ecological and social responsibility and try to live up to it in the planning and implementation of the festival. Summerjam takes place in a unique recreational area in Cologne. We also want to be a cultural enrichment for the city of Cologne at this location. We have always taken care to leave the site tidy and clean after the event, thus protecting nature and wildlife at Fühlinger See. We also hold our visitors to account: Enjoy – don´t destroy! We appeal to them not to use any disposable products, to also think about sustainability when camping and to deposit their rubbish in the right place – we will take care of the waste separation. However, we are aware that such a large event is nevertheless a burden on the environment. That is why we are continuously working to reduce this ecological footprint.

In cooperation with organisations, associations and the "City of Cologne", we as organisers also offer a space for social projects and want to have a positive impact on society with various activities. Summerjam has always been a place where everyone is welcome. We want to create a family-friendly and barrier-free festival experience and enable all our visitors to participate.

In the spirit of our global responsibility - which begins on our doorstep - we have been working with the following partners for years.

Viva con Agua
"Deposit collection"* at Summerjam: Viva con Agua has been collecting deposit cups on the festival grounds for years. This way our festival visitors can support water projects in Africa with their donation. As organisers of the Summerjam Festival, we share the vision of the all-profit organisation: "WATER FOR ALL - ALL FOR WATER!" Viva con Agua has been working since 2006 to ensure that all people in the world have access to clean drinking water, hygiene facilities and basic sanitation. At Summerjam we can help them achieve this: Donate deposit cups and do good!
*"Pfandraising" – a pun that only makes sense in German.

HELP Jamaica!
Education For A Change! HELP Jamaica! e.V. supports educational projects in Jamaica. Through various local initiatives, the non-profit organisation enables children and young people from economically and socially disadvantaged areas to learn, to further their education, to develop new skills and to develop their personality. HELP Jamaica! collects donations at the Summerjam Festival in order to financially support existing projects and educational offers or to initialise new projects with local partner organisations. The aim is to support children, young people and adults in finding ways out of the cycle of unemployment, frustration, drugs and violence.

According to the motto "Keep the sea plastic free!" we do our best to ensure that rubbish does not end up in Fühlinger See. Together with the association K.R.A.K.E., we are tackling the problem and collecting the rubbish that doesn´t end up in the bin during the festival. K.R.A.K.E. stands for "Kölner Rhein-Aufräum-Kommando-Einheit" (Cologne Rhine Clean-up Squad) – at Summerjam the volunteers will also be working on the banks of Fühlinger See. In addition to the joint clean-up work, we inform our visitors about proper waste disposal and raise awareness for an environmentally conscious festival experience. "Collecting rubbish is sexy", says K.R.A.K.E.. We think so too.
Amnesty International
With more than 10 million volunteer supporters in over 150 countries, Amnesty International campaigns for human rights. The organisation will also be present at Summerjam to inform about the worldwide human rights situation. Amnesty International draws attention to the fact that human rights are massively restricted in some countries: "People who stand up for their rights, such as legal aid workers, media workers, environmental activists and other critical voices, are particularly at risk." We support this outreach and are grateful for the years of cooperation. Amnesty International cannot be missed at Vibez Village on P2.
Edelgard mobil
Women and girls should be able to move and party at Summerjam without insecurity or fear. With "EDELGARD protects" they will find a place with us in case of harassment and acute threats where they can take a breath and plan their next steps. The code word EDELGARD is known to our security and catering staff. In such a case, the EDELGARD mobil will be called in. As organisers of the Summerjam Festival, we support the "Cologne Initiative against Sexualised Violence" in cooperation with EDELGARD. The EDELGARD mobil can be found in the Vibez Village on P2 and is intended to provide information about the help available for women and girls and to draw attention to the issue. Experienced and trained professionals are available to advise women and girls after harassment, coercion or rape. The counsellors can also be reached at Summerjam via the telephone number 0221 / 221-27777.

Drug help BAS!S
The non-profit association BAS!S - Beratung, Arbeit, Jugend & Kultur e.V. (Counselling, Work, Youth & Culture) has been the contact on the festival grounds for years when it comes to help and support for drug-using people and their relatives. With its project "Safe Party People", the association will also be at Summerjam, offering information and counselling on various substances in the party scene, mediation of harm reduction offers, safer use information, PsyCare and Chill-Out offers. The staff of BAS!S explain the risks and dangers of drug use, are trained in crisis intervention and, if necessary, refer to further support services.
What we do...
In order to reduce our carbon footprint, we as organisers try to act in a more environmentally and climate-friendly way in various areas. We are increasingly offering our visitors vegan or vegetarian food on the festival grounds. In the "Garden of Food" in the "Feel Good Area" there is a colourful selection of these climate-friendly delicacies. Backstage, we as organisers also rely on regional organic products for the catering of our staff and artists and increasingly offer vegetarian dishes.

Since 2021, many products made of single-use plastic have been banned in Germany and the EU. We will consistently implement this ban at Summerjam and encourage our retailers to use sustainable alternatives. For almost two decades, we have also been working with deposit cups in our gastronomic offer. These are thoroughly rinsed and reused.

We work to use less energy and water. By using energy-efficient lighting, we have already been able to reduce electricity consumption in this area. Water consumption at Summerjam Festival is also planned in a resource-saving way. For example, most toilet flushes deliberately do not use drinking water.

However, the biggest CO2 footprint of such a large event is created during the journey to and from the festival. That is why we have been appealing to our visitors for years to leave their cars behind and travel by bus and train. To make this journey as comfortable as possible, we offer a festival shuttle from the nearest S-Bahn station. For train travellers, this means taking the S6 or S11 at the Cologne central station up to Chorweiler, then our shuttle busses and you're at Summerjam.

We have expanded communication by employing a "Welcome Team". The volunteers welcome the visitors at the entrances to the campsite, hand out rubbish bags and provide information on where to dispose of rubbish or what social activities are available at Summerjam. The aim is to sensitise our visitors for a socially and environmentally conscious festival experience. One love - for humans and the environment!