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Summerjam festival philosophy

The Summerjam Festival represents the best of Reggae, Dancehall and Hip Hop.
As one the biggest events of its kind it combines the heartbeat of the scene with a wide-ranging music culture. With the location being on an island in the Fühlinger Lake and a cross-generational audience from all over the world, an incomparable atmosphere is created.
As seen in the current charts, Jamaica is once again the center of attention in modern Pop music. The sound of the Caribbean island influences rhythm, lyrics and melody of many music genres worldwide. Reggae, Ska and Dancehall are successful in its original versions as well as blended with new musical influences of the metropolises of this world.
The Summerjam Festival celebrates exactly this mixture of styles - Enjoy Music and Vibes!
We demanded high standards of ourselves regarding the programming this year and proudly present international and national top acts. Many artists will come exclusively for the SUMMERJAM Festival to Cologne, which is why the lineup is unique and offers an exciting alternative to other festivals this year. Additionally to the lineup of the two main stages, there will be more program announcements to make this an unforgettable weekend on our island in Cologne Bay.
We can't wait for it and are looking forward to seeing you all!