Summerjam Festival 2014

"Share Your Love" is the motto of the 29th.SUMMERJAM that will take place from July 04. to 06. 2014 at Fühlinger See in Cologne.  Only those that are also able to share are able to positively manage everyday life together and have the ability to exchange views and reduce prejudices with respect and tolerance. The opportunities that arise are also the requisite for the further development of popular music that is practically continuously available everywhere through the creation of new sound mediums, from vinyl through the CD, up to downloads. Over the decades a variety has been created that is also mirrored in this years SUMMERJAM program. Since more than 29 years now the visitors from throughout the world love the unique atmosphere of the festival associated with it and we hope that our suggestion will also shape this year’s festival experience: SHARE YOUR LOVE!

Here you can find all news about the Summerjam Festival!

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Here you will find all the infos from the past Summerjam Festivals

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